2023 Bordeaux Futures

Class and Sophistication

Hello Collectors,

I had the great opportunity to travel to Bordeaux this year and taste the vintage firsthand. The most fitting description for the vintage is heterogeneous, which, for me, presented more pros than cons. One crucial lesson I gleaned while tasting the 2021 vintage is that the top houses are continually striving for quality, regardless of Mother Nature’s whims. In 2023, the conditions weren’t ideal, resulting in variable quality, but past experiences aided producers in overcoming challenges and crafting glorious wines for most of Bordeaux’s top houses. What’s particularly exciting is the significant price reductions compared to recent campaigns, with some prices even matching those of the 2019 releases.

The finest wines exhibit remarkable class and sophistication. Despite being a notably warm year, cloud cover helped mitigate some of the effects that would have typically occurred. The level of balance in the wines was striking, prompting me to ponder their alcohol content – not because I could taste it, but because it was so seamlessly integrated that I was surprised to find any alcohol at all! I’m highly optimistic about the potential of these wines, as I believe they will be enjoyable at an earlier stage of maturity. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!