The Friday List - 5/26/2023

A potpourri of the world’s great estates

Hello Collectors,

Longtime Jeopardy fans will know the frequent category called “Potpourri,” a collection of wild card questions. That’s this week’s Friday List, because while Bond and Leroy have nothing in common aside from being wines, we do have eager clients for each. The same goes for everything in this offer, hence our especially eclectic list. 

We’ll start by returning to Bordeaux, of which we haven’t offered much lately, despite Saturday’s producer showcase. Led by a pair of First Growths—Lafite and Margaux—we have a fabulous selection of mature Bordeaux today that are both famous and remarkably well priced. The Rhône, Loire, and Champagne make small but eye-popping contributions as well, with names like Guigal, Chapoutier, Clos Rougeard, Salon, and Chave’s Cuvée Cathelin. If that list looks familiar, then that’s because we had different vintages of many of the same wines last Friday! This is an unusual turn of luck for those who missed out on a previous week’s offerings. 

And speaking of wines we haven’t had much of lately, we finally have more in stock from Bill Harlan’s terroir-focused Bond. These are some of the estate’s earliest vintages, so for serious Napa collectors and Bond fans alike, this is your very rare opportunity to backfill gaps in your inventory. We close with an array of Burgundy that spans from the most iconic (Roumier and Domaine Leroy) to the up-and-coming (de Moor and Benjamin Leroux). The core of our Burgundian offerings could be its own small Friday List, with Dujac, Raveneau, Mugnier, and Dugat-Py (from the legendary 2005 vintage!)—so definitely scroll through to ensure you don’t miss anything you might have been waiting for.