The Friday List - 9/22/2023

In Full Swing

Hello Collectors,

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Baseball playoffs are around the corner, football is in full swing, and the weather is perfect for all types of wines. It’s not too cold yet for whites and Champagnes, and it’s cool enough for any kind of red. With the bounties of harvest and the beauty of changing foliage, fall has much to offer… as does today’s Friday List. 

We start with the crème de la crème. DRC, Lafite, Margaux, Latour, La Mission Haut-Brion, Leroy, Roumier, Roulot, and Vogüé are just the tip of the iceberg in this week’s incredible list. And because you’ll have to see to believe these remarkably well-stored bottles, click the Dropbox link below to see photographs. Anything missing photos is in transit, but we’ll be happy to provide them on request within a few days, once they’re in-house. 

In addition to some of wine’s most popular names, we also have some of the rarest and most coveted. How about a stunning 10-year vertical of Edmond Vatan’s virtuosic Clos la Néore? Or the masterful Champagnes of Guillaume Selosse? Or 3 vintages of the To Kalon unicorn wine, MacDonald? If you’re a burghound looking for bottled history, how about a selection from Jacky Truchot’s swan song vintage? We’d be thrilled to bring you even one bottle from this vintage, but to have all of them for you is really quite special, even for us. 

We close with some familiar names, who have helped drive this unreal wine market for the last several years. Many of these are also from top vintages, like Montrose’s legendary 1989 (see aforementioned photos!), along with their 1996 and 2000. Back vintages of Palmer and Ausone are always tough to come by, and today they’re available from their great sleeper years—1999 and 2001, respectively. Elite Burgundy values are available from Bertheau, Chevillon, and d’Angerville, which will all find new homes before too long. And as with most Friday Lists, there’s plenty more gems than we’re able to write about here, so check out the full selection to keep from missing out. 

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