Saturday Offer - 5/6/2023

Uncompromising Artistry

Hello Collectors,

We’ve been busy the last few weeks at Cellar Trading, securing and offering you some especially intriguing wine lists. But today we’re pivoting back to an old favorite: Bourbon. And this offer features one spirits producer we’re especially fond of—none other than America’s first whiskey distiller: Michter’s. We’re thrilled to offer you a comprehensive parcel of everyday drinkers, highly allocated trophies, and everything in between. 

Michter’s stands out among Bourbon fans for a reason—and it’s not just the serious scarcity of certain bottlings. Their production methods spare no expense to ensure that every spirit is smooth, integrated, and balanced. Longer drying time in white oak barrels, controlled heat cycling, and unusually low barrel entry proofs (just 103!) all help keep yields low and produce a flavor profile unlike anything else in the world of Bourbon. 

The highlight of today’s offer is the Single Barrel 10 Year Bourbon, a perennial favorite among even the most discerning whiskey drinkers. Incredibly smooth and sweet (but not cloyingly so), it’s a truly unique spirit. Not to be overlooked by the new kid on the block, we have fresh inventory of the highly coveted 10 Year Rye. For those lucky enough to have tasted it, you know how incredibly complex and wholly satisfying a bottle it is, with explosive layered spice, dried fruit, heady herbal, rich earthy, and mellow woody notes. For those not lucky enough yet: today’s your chance. Rounding things out, we’ve got a nice selection from their US-1 collection: Original Sour Mash, Limited Release Barrel Strength Rye, Straight Rye, and Unblended American Whiskey. These are all spirits of extraordinarily unique character, and all worth picking up. 

And while you’re perusing the Michter’s selection on our website, be sure to check out the other spirits we have to offer. We’re always adding new inventory—and we often don’t have space to feature them in our email offers! For instance, we recently secured and listed some additional Pappy 10 Year and 15 Year, which you can bet won’t last long. 

Happy hunting!

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